Executing Structural Change

A structural change is anything that involves removing a wall or support structure in your home. Anything beyond painting or reflooring a space may involve some type of structural change. This means you should get advice from a qualified contractor and a structural engineer for any such work you want to do at your home. Removing just one wall in your house can make all the difference in making your home more open and turn previously unused spaces into integral parts of your everyday routine.

When assessing a potential structural change, our job is to find out what will need to be done in order to make that change possible. Once we have confirmed that the wall is structural/load bearing, we will work with our engineers to come up with a solution on how to best replace it. You will receive a report from the engineer specifying the work that will need to be done and materials that will need to be used to safely remove that wall. Our experienced team has completed numerous such projects around Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and further.

If you are thinking of making room for that large kitchen island or changing the size of a room elsewhere in the house, please reach out to us and we’ll work hand in hand with you to come up with your ideal floor plan.


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